The Art of Pivoting: How to Focus on What You Want Instead of What You Don’t Want

“When you care about how you feel and you’re willing to pivot and turn your thoughts toward better feeling things, you will quickly begin the positive deliberate transformation of your life.”

-Abraham Hicks

Regardless if you believe in vibrational energy or not, Abraham Hicks’ pivoting technique can instantly change your perspective by putting you in control of your own feelings, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

The Pivoting Process in a Nutshell

According to Abraham Hicks, pivoting is “the process of deliberately focusing your attention with the intention of directing your own life experience.”

It is important that you first recognize that every subject has two subjects: what is wanted and what is not wanted.

When you pivot, you deliberately move yourself from one thing to another.

Pivoting is a great technique to use to discover what it is that you truly want.

Each time you are talking or thinking about something you don’t want, you will feel negative emotions.

As a result, you will also feel powerless.

In a disempowered state, you will feel like a victim of outside circumstances with little or no control about your day.

In other words, you will just be reacting to one negative and unwanted thing after another.

Each time you pivot and think about what you DO want, you will not only feel better, you will also be taking control of the situation and move in the direction of whatever it is that you want to manifest.

In other words, you will feel powerful and in control.

When you are thinking and feeling positive, you will also be inspired to take inspired action. 

This makes you feel even more empowered.

Pivoting: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Essentially, you start pivoting by not spending any time noticing or thinking about what you don’t like or want about your current reality.

Instead, you focus on where you want to be.

You will not benefit from lamenting, thinking, pondering, or speaking of the things you don’t want.

That said, choose not to dwell on the things you don’t like or complaining about your current reality.

Pivoting involves consciously taking control of your words and thoughts.

Additionally, it also requires caring about how you feel.

Step 01

Notice if you are feeling down or bad or feeling all sorts of negative emotions like anger, worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, sadness, etc.

Step 02

Tell yourself, “I am feeling negative emotion which means I am thinking of something I do not want. What is it that I DO want?”

Step 03

Briefly acknowledge what it is that you don’t want (the reason why you are feeling negative emotions).

From there, quickly pivot your thinking and think of the exact opposite.

Basically, just think of what it is that you DO want instead. 

Simple isn’t it?

However, don’t let its simplicity cause you to think it’s not effective.

Give it a try and see for yourself how powerful the technique can be.

If you’re having “one of those days” where nothing seems to go your way, use the pivoting process to bring you back into alignment with whatever it is that you want.

Over to You

The pivoting is a simple but very powerful technique that can turn your life around and bring your desires to life. However, it’s not a technique you will master overnight. 

When learning the art of pivoting, keep the following takeaways in mind:

  • If you don’t get it right the first time, be patient and keep practicing.
  • The more you speak and focus on what you want, the less you will be thinking of what it is that you don’t want.
  • If you focus on what it is that you want, the more you will be able to align yourself with the vibration that will cause it to manifest.
  • The more you practice pivoting, the more you realize how powerful you truly are.

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