The Best Christmas Gifts to Give Based on the Zodiac Sign

People look to their horoscopes for everything—from friendships, to career advice, to sex. 

So why not refer to the zodiac signs when looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

Whether you admit it or not, gift shopping can be needlessly stressful. 

So when the pressure to come up with the best Christmas gift, taking a cue from the zodiacs can make smart sense.

Each sign has favorite activities and certain proclivities. 

When you get a gift based on someone’s zodiac sign, you can cater to their preferences and have a higher chance of getting them something they truly love.

If you want to get friends and loved ones Christmas gifts they will truly appreciate, check out our quick and easy gift guide for every zodiac below:


Aries is ruled by the active and fearless Mars, which explains their competitive and adventurous nature.

Also referred to as the entrepreneurs of the zodiac, they are the people who always want to win and do the best they can.

Want to make Aries happy? 

Get them home office accessories or a work-appropriate outfit. 

They would also love fitness-focused gifts like a smartwatch or a yoga membership.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

Even if they live in the city, they are very sensuous and highly appreciative of the country.

Since Taurus love flowers, you can get them a houseplant, a bouquet, or even a consultation with a gardener.

A gorgeous wardrobe, high-end perfume, and a day at the spa would also win over these beauty-loving sign.


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, Geminis loves paper and pen.

They are the type that will appreciate personalised stationery or a good fountain pen.

Geminis also love to explore and travel and can be voracious readers. 

That said, a good book or a nice overnight bag would be great gift ideas for the Gemini in your life.


For Cancers, home is where the heart is.

Ruled by the moon which rules the home and all else associated with it, they would love a new pan or customised photo album.

Since they tend to be very family-oriented, getting them anything they can use at home would be a great idea.


Leo is ruled by the sun and loves to be the center of the universe.

This attention-loving sign are also the type who want to dress up and make a statement.

Clothing from their favorite designers, fancy beauty products, and a bottle of Champagne are way to this sign’s heart.


Ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, Virgos have a mind that’s always working. 

This earth sign would love a book of crossword puzzles, and any gift that’s grounded and natural.

They would enjoy getting organic beauty products or a class where they can use their hands like cooking.


Just like Taurus, Libra is ruled by the loving and sensuous Venus.

Since Libra is all about soft beauty, a pillowcase or a silky blouse would make perfect gifts.

They also have an appreciation for anything beautiful so they would love a piece of art or a pretty piece of jewelry.


Scorpios are deep and mysterious.

They are ruled by the planet of passion, Pluto and adventurous Mars.

Scorpios would love nice lingerie or anything black and leather.

Giving them a beautiful jacket or a high-quality leather would be a great idea.

Since they can be very individualistic, they would also cherish any personalised gift.


Sagittarius is ruled by the planet of optimism and positivity, Jupiter.

Considered the world travelers of the zodiac, they would love any gift that’s travel related like a suitcase, passport case, or a roundtrip ticket to a place they love.

Sags also prefer anything that’s comfortable and practical so a classic T-shirt or a good pair of jeans would be perfect as well.


Notoriously ambitious and practical, Capricorns are ruled by the planet of conservation and discipline, Saturn.

As such, they have a penchant for anything that has historical value.

A vintage brooch or a sentimental hand-me-down would be something they would love.

A gift card to the local museum or a coffee table book of their favorite artist would also be appreciated.


Ruled by Uranus, the futuristic planet, this sign is known to be rebellious, forward-thinking, and eccentric.

They care deeply for the planet and love technology.

They would love the latest electronics and gadgets as well as a pass to the planetarium.

You can also set up a recurring donation in their name or buy a gift that gives back.


Ruled by planets Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces represents optimism and imagination.

This water sign puts self-care at the top of their list and would love anything that’s luxurious like beautiful sheets and fluffy slippers.

Emotional Pisces would also appreciate a beautiful book of photographs or poetry or a movie pass.

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