The Five Steps to Alignment According to Abraham Hicks

Those who believe in and practice the Law of Attraction are most likely familiar with who Abraham Hicks is. 

Channeled by Esther Hicks, Abraham’s primary teaching is simple: when you align with the energy of your desires, they can manifest effortlessly and quickly. 

But what is alignment exactly? 

Alignment in a Nutshell

Before we tackle the five steps to alignment, we need to get clear about what alignment is first.

There are various ways to describe alignment.

However, the easiest way to understand alignment is in terms of how you feel.

That said, when you feel good about a subject, you are aligned with it.

Your state of alignment can change from time to time and from one subject to another.

For instance, you can feel confident about your physical health but feel nervous about money.

Or you might feel empowered about your ability to achieve a goal but you feel disempowered when another problem arises.

You can also think of alignment in terms of inspiration.

It’s more than just feeling good.

It’s about feeling wonderful or ecstatic when you enter a state where you always seem to know the next best step to talk or when things flow naturally.

Science refers to this as the state of flow. 

Abraham, on the other hand, calls this state an inspired action.

For those who understand the Law of Attraction, you can think of this as being at the same vibrational level as your goal. 

This means you are operating in vibrational alignment with your goals.

The Five Steps to Achieving Alignment

Abraham not only explained what alignment is, but he also offered a clear path so people can align with the source energy, whatever the circumstances may be.

Step 01: Experience the Contrast

The first step in the alignment process is experiencing contrast. According to Abraham, contrast is any negative experience you encounter. 

As you go about your daily life, you always find things you do not like.

Or you may have ideas about how life can be better for you.

Regardless if you express said desire as a wish or complaint, it represents your desire for growth and natural expansion.

This step occurs automatically, every day of your life.

It also happens even if you are not aware of it.

Step 02: Source Answers Your Request

The second part of the process is not your responsibility. 

Each time you have a new desire, source energy answers your request.

According to Abraham, a vortex of energy holds everything you could ever imagine or want.

That means simply thinking of your desire or wish creates the equivalent manifestation of that goal in the vortex.

Step 03: Align with the Vibration of Your Desire

Aligning with the energy of your desire is your job.

This is the third step.

This step is also the most challenging aspect for most people.

To align with your desire, you need to put yourself into a positive state of emotion.

This is important so you can allow your desire to come to you.

There is no strain or effort necessary. 

The truth is the more you struggle against what you don’t want, the harder it is for you to achieve what you want.

As you learn to flow with life’s natural current, trust the process, and relax, you will be guided and led to manifesting what you desire.

Alignment simply means you are enjoying the process and you appreciate the state.

Step 04: Maintain Your Alignment Consistently

The first steps are already enough to manifest anything you want.

Steps 4 and 5 are about living in a constant state of alignment and connecting with your energy source. 

As you experience the power of alignment, the next step is living more consistently from said state.

As you can fully appreciate your desires and relax into alignment, you can also maintain your alignment consistently. 

You will also be able to tell immediately each time you step out of alignment.

In other words, step 4 is about working on feeling good all the time.

Step 05: Appreciate the Contrast

Step 5 is all about the recognition that even negative experiences support your development and growth one way or the other.

For most people, negative situations trigger negative emotions but when you have mastered your energy, you can see that even negative aspects can be a blessing.

You will begin to see that some negative circumstances will point you toward a more positive scenario or outcome.

When you completely trust the universe and believe you live in a benevolent world, everything will always work out in your favor.

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Final Thoughts

Achieving a state of alignment can seem complex. In reality, it is just straightforward. If you want to achieve this ideal state, you just need to remember the following 5-step guide:

Step 1: Experience the Contrast

Step 2: Source Answers Your Request

Step 3: Align with the Vibration of Your Desire

Step 4: Maintain Your Alignment Consistently

Step 5: Appreciate the Contrast

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