The Law of Assumption: The Law Taught By Neville Goddard

Contrary to popular belief, Neville Goddard didn’t teach the Law of Attraction—he taught about the Law of Assumption.

Also called God’s law, this is considered the universal law by which everything manifests and exists.

Amazingly, whether you are aware of it or not, we have been living by this law our whole life and it has shaped our world.

The Law of Assumption in a Nutshell

What is the Law of Assumption and how is it different from the Law of Attraction?

For some, the Law of Assumption is the Law of Attraction on steroids.

But more correctly, it is simply the law of the universe we live in.

Typically, most people think they attract people, events, and things outside of themselves.

But once you are aware of this law, you will understand that what happens inside of you will manifest in your world.

You will also understand that the world is not outside of you.

Rather it is a reflection of you—it is yourself pushed out.

The World is Yourself Pushed Out

Simply put, the Law of Assumption teaches that once you become your desire, that desire will appear in your 3D world.

The world and everything in it is yourself pushed out.

That said, you no longer need to understand what raising your vibrations or being in alignment means.

All you have to do is assume and feel your desire as if you already have it.

What you assume about yourself, others, and the world is mirrored back to you in your life.

Nothing ever happens by “accident.”

Everything happens because of your assumption.

No need to think about vibration or alignment.

As Neville states, “What you believe and assume to be true will harden into fact.”

The Law of Assumption affects everything, from the people you have in your life, the money you make, the type of job you have, your relationship, your health, how people treat you—basically anything else you can think of.

In essence, you are the God of your reality and you create your reality according to your inner world.

The key to manifesting any desire is to embody that state of your wish as already fulfilled.

What would it feel like if you are already the person you want to be?

Once you can embody that state, your desire is yours and it is only a matter of time until it appears in your 3D world.

If your state won’t match your desire, you won’t be able to manifest what it is that you want.

To summarize it in a single sentence: we don’t manifest what we want, we manifest what we are.

Case in point: it would be impossible to attract love if you don’t love yourself.

It is impossible to manifest wealth if you feel broke.

It would be impossible to manifest health if you feel sick.

Over the You

Are you aware of the Law of Assumption? What has been your experience like? How has it helped you live your dream life? We would love to hear about your experiences!