The Most Prevalent Law of Attraction Myths Debunked

With all the coverage and media attention it has been getting, it’s no surprise more and more people are discovering the Law of Attraction and what it’s truly all about. Unfortunately, along with the many amazing teachings, countless Law of Attraction myths also emerge, dimming its power for new and experienced practitioners alike.

Make the law of attraction work for you by discovering the truths behind some of the most common Law of Attraction myths.

Myth 1: The Law of Attraction is Supernatural

The idea of acknowledging and believing in the vast and infinite possibilities and potential people have at their disposal can seem too good to be true for most people.

In other words, they see the law of attraction as too magical to be true. 

However, the Law of Attraction is more than just wishing for something and waiting for it to manifest magically.

The truth is the Law of Attraction will require some work.

You need to know what you want and you have to believe that it is yours.

Clear out resistance and blockages, and be mindful of opportunities that can lead to the manifestation of what you desire.

Myth 2: The Law of Attraction is Contemporary

Many people get wrong: they think the Law of Attraction is a new movement that has generated massive attention overnight.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The law of attraction has been around since time immemorial!

Also, the law of attraction is not a product of one’s active and creative imagination.

Rather, it is one of the oldest universal laws there is.

The law of attraction was uncovered as opposed to invented.

Many assume the law of attraction is recent teaching because of the massive media coverage it has generated lately, with books like The Secret receiving cult-like following.

Myth 3: The Law of Attraction Can Manifest Whatever You Visualise

While visualization can be crucial in training your mind to attract the desired things, it would require more than just visualization to manifest them.

For example, even if you visualize having a dream house every waking moment, you won’t be able to manifest it if you neglect the other key components of this universal law.

To achieve your desires, you need to do more than just visualize.

Banish blockages and resistance by limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. 

You also need to believe that what you want is already yours.

Be constantly looking for opportunities that will lead you to your desires as soon as they present themselves.

Myth 4: The Law of Attraction Only Works for Some People

Here’s the thing: the law of attraction works all the time—for everyone, regardless of whether you believe it.

Many people may not be aware of it but they are actually creating their own reality. 

There are some scenarios that can make it seem like the Law of Attraction is not working.

The truth is that some things you might be doing are getting in the way of manifesting your dreams.

For instance:

  • You “do” the law of attraction for a few minutes each morning. However, you leave feeling frustrated, worried, or disappointed.
  • You complain about your work, health, significant other, etc., and you don’t realize how complaining (and the low and negative energy it brings) can get in the way of your manifestations.
  • You constantly doubt your worthiness or your ability to create your desires. 
  • You hold onto beliefs that are opposite to what you really want, and yet you expect to get great results.

If any of the scenarios sound familiar, you are getting in the way and hindering the Law of Attraction from working for you.

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