Twin Flame Stages How to Know for Sure

If you examine your relationships closely (even the seemingly tumultuous ones), you’d discover that you have learned something valuable.  However, it is believed that it is from your twin flame that you’d learn the most from. In this post we cover all the Twin Flames Stages and how to recognise them.

So what are the 8 stages of a twin flame relationship and how do you figure out if you have found your twin flame?

The Lowdown on Twin Flames

In essence, a twin flame is a soul connection that’s very intense.

A twin flame is sometimes referred to as a “mirror soul.

Simply put, a twin flame is thought to be a person’s other half.

Here’s the idea behind twin flames: it is one soul that is split into two bodies.

Two of the primary qualities of twin flame relationships is they are healing and challenging.

The two characteristics can be attributed to the mirroring nature of twin flames.

In other words, your twin flame can highlight your deepest fears and insecurities.

At the same time, your twin flame can help you overcome them.

Twin Flame Relationships: The 8 Stages

Twin flame stages can vary, depending on the individuals involved. 

However, below are 8 of the most common stages those in twin flame relationships experience:

Stage 01: Yearning

Before even meeting your twin flame, you have this nagging feeling that your other half is out there somewhere. 

You will feel this deep longing or yearning. 

There is often inner work involved during the yearning stage as you are being prepared to meet your twin flame.

Stage 02: Meeting

When you meet each other, your world will be rocked. 

Expect that you will fall fast.

When you meet your twin flame, you will feel an instant attraction.

You can’t keep your hands off each other and you would want to spend time with each other at all times.

Stage 03: The Honeymoon Phase

Just like any other relationships, your relationship with your twin flame can have a honeymoon phase too. 

During this phase, your relationship is new, positive, and meaningful.

How long the honeymoon phase lasts will depend on the individuals involved.

Stage 04: Challenges Emerge

At one point or another, core wounds will emerge.

At this phase, the core wounds would manifest themselves and the differences are highlighted.

The challenges that emerge are often a reflection of the soul work you and your twin flame need to do on your own.

In essence, it is more about improving yourselves as individuals as opposed to improving as a couple.

Stage 05: The Test

As you both explore and dive deep into your shadow sides, your insecurities will show up.

It is at this phase that you start to question yourselves and each other.

At this phase, you can end up avoiding your partner or even abandoning the relationship altogether.

It is at this phase that attachment issues often arise.

Stage 06: The Chase

This is a huge part of most twin flame relationships.

Twin flame relationships have this push-pull dynamic.

However, there will be a time when the partner gets tired of chasing and just moves away.

This might cause separation.

Stage 07: The Surrender

The chase can go on for years.

If both parties are able to work through their challenges, triggers, and insecurities, they can get back together. 

However, there should be a deliberate decision to accept and allow each other to be who they truly are—flaws and all.

Stage 08: Coming Home

Once you both have fully embraced your destinies, your life together begins, and it would feel like balance between the both of you is restored.

At this stage, you will continue to support each other and fuel each other’s growth.

Signs You Have Found Your Twin Flame

Below are some of the signs that indicate you are with your twin flame:

There is instant recognition.

When you first meet, both will feel an intense recognition, longing, and attraction.

Meeting your twin flame will typically feel like home. 

Being with a twin flame will feel familiar.

And the bond will be something you have not experienced before.

You share many similarities.

You both discover that you have so many things in common in terms of interests, past experiences, and values.

Complement each other.

In areas where you are not similar, you will find that the differences will complement each other, like yin and yang.

Since a twin flame mirrors you, you will also become aware of how your relationship will highlight each other’s shadows.

Your doubts and insecurities are amplified.

Your twin flame is there to help you with your purpose and divine mission.

That said, this type of relationship will be able to bring out your deepest insecurities and issues so you can work through them.

This is important for your growth and healing.

They will seem magnetic.

You will feel drawn to them regardless if you are together or far apart.

You also want to be with the person whenever you are apart.

The relationship is very intense.

An intense emotional charge can develop quickly when you are with your twin flame since you will both feel very familiar with each other.

You will feel connected at the soul level.

You will also both feel things deeply, as individuals and as a couple.

This heightens the passion and intensity in the relationship.

The relationship is tumultuous.

Oftentimes, twin flame relationships are not smooth sailing.

If you are with a twin flame, it’s like you are constantly confronted by aspects of yourself you are not happy with.

While it can be uncomfortable and challenging for both of you, it can also facilitate growth and healing.

You have a psychic connection.

When you are with your twin flame, your relationship will not only feel divine and destined, you will also feel some sort of psychic connection.

Aside from the strong bond that you will establish, you can easily communicate with a glance. 

Oftentimes, you can also easily pick up what the other person is thinking or feeling.

You may even get to the point where you can feel each other’s emotions.

Over to You

Finding your twin flame is a special thing and they are easy to spot because you will feel and experience things with them that you have not experienced with all the others.

While a relationship with a twin flame is not easy, if you are able to get past your differences, you can look forward to a loving, intense, and fulfilling relationship you will not find with any other partner.

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