Twin Flames: How to Recognize Them and Questions You Should Ask

Twin flames also referred to as twin souls, are believed to be two parts of a soul that split and went to Earth (or other realms) to grow, learn, and experience duality. 

Twin flames rarely incarnate simultaneously, as one typically stays behind to help the other during the flame stages. 

The experiences they gather to while away from each other help them form separate identities as souls and help make them better people.

When twin souls reunite, they create the ultimate relationship

All the previous relationships that came before your relationship with your twin flame are considered practice ones. 

Twin flame relationships are considered very deep and powerful—something very few experience in a lifetime, even with a romantic partner.

Twin relationships don’t have an age barrier, race, or gender.

How to Recognise Your Twin Flame

It would seem like your twin flame fell straight into your lap from the sky. 

Neither of you is looking for the other. 

Your meeting can be attributed to Divine timing.

They are your mirror.

Your twin flame will mirror everything you should address in your life, including things that need healing. 

Your twin flame will also show you your authentic self.

The energy you create is magnetic.

People will notice and feel the power between the two of you.

When you are together, your union can be an unstoppable force that can last a lifetime.

Your intuitive and psychic senses can also be heightened upon meeting.

This can only happen in a twin-flame connection.

You will feel an immediate connection or bond.

The bond is instant the moment you cross paths.

You will feel like you have known them all your life.

They would feel like family or a long-time best friend.

You will complement each other.

Your abilities and skillsets will work perfectly together.

This is because you have developed what the other needs or lacks during your time apart.

Oftentimes, your zodiac is also a match to theirs.

You can feel each other when you are far apart.

You will have difficulty getting your twin flame out of your mind when you are apart.

While it can seem like you are obsessed with them, you are not.

Your connection is so close that you can literally feel each other.

At times, being apart can be unbearable.

Four Questions You Can Ask Your Twin Flames or Soulmates

Twin flames or true soulmates will awaken you from a deep sleep. The union you will have with your twin flame is otherworldly. 

Question: Are you willing to step up to your true spiritual nature?

Your true soulmate or twin flame will not be in each other’s lives to help cover up insecurities. 

Question: Are you aware of your own unhealthy psychological problems? Are you doing things to address them?

Twin flames or soulmates have telepathic communication with one another. Your life story can also seem very similar.

Question: Do you both believe in the immortal essence of the soul?

You both likely believe you are meant to meet and be together.

Question: Do you believe synchronicity is a huge part in awakening you both to your exalted bond?


Do you believe in twin flames? If you experience any of the signs mentioned above, you have likely found your twin flame. If not, hang in there. They can come at a time when you least expect them. But their presence is hard to miss as it is unlike any other. 

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