Unlock the Key to Manifesting to Connect to Your Higher Self

If you are big into self-development and manifesting, it is likely that you are working on connecting with your higher self.

Connecting with the higher self is said to help with the Law of Attraction and manifesting.

This is because connecting with the higher self requires self-knowledge and self-awareness. 

In the process, you will also discover your true purpose.

But what does connecting with the higher self require?

Top 3 Ways to Connect With Your Higher Self

If you are working on connecting with your higher self, below are 3 of the most effective approaches you can use:

Use Journaling to Connect to Your Higher Self

One way you can connect to your higher self would be to build an awareness of your gut reactions.

Gut reactions are reactions that come straight from the higher self.

Write down some questions and instantly write down what your answers are.

Do not filter or edit your answers in any way, even if it does not make sense.

Write down any feelings that you feel in your body as well.

Read what you have written after a few hours and look at your answers.

Below are some questions worth asking:

  • What do I consider my five core values?
  • What is it that I want to do with my life?
  • What legacy do I want to leave behind?
  • How do I want my relationships to turn out?

In addition, never dismiss the power of conventional journaling!

Keep in mind that journaling can teach you so much about yourself.

It would also be ideal to do some gratitude journaling or you can also do some stream-of-consciousness writing.

This is where you write without any aim.

Or you can create a meticulous entry where you go steadily deeper into your thoughts and feelings and express them all through writing.

Use Dreams and Lucid Dreaming

At times, the higher self expresses its spiritual side through dreams.

This is because dreams reside in the subconscious and they manifest when you are asleep and all your defense mechanisms are down.

There are certain things you can do so you can use dreams to strengthen your connection with the higher self. 

One would be to keep a dream journal.

In your dream journal, write down all the images, feelings, and symbols that appeared in your dream.

Taken collectively, your dreams can help you tap into your intuitions as well as your deepest desires.

It can also help you see your blind spots.

Another dream technique would be lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming involves influencing your dreams and interacting with the dreamscape so you will discover more about your inner life.

Lucid dreaming is a skill you can learn to a certain degree and it can provide limitless avenues for self-development and self-exploration.

Use Guided Meditations

Another effective technique you can use to tap into your higher self is meditation.

Meditation promotes authenticity and self-awareness, both of which can help you tap into your higher consciousness.

Don’t worry about the type of meditation you are going to do.

Rather, focus on the meditation that can make you reflect, calm, and connect to your inner self.

In a way, all forms of meditation can help you connect with your higher self.

However, you can do certain guided meditations that are specifically targeted to help you connect to your higher self.

Even 5 to 10 minutes of meditation can already do wonders for you.

Over to You

For many, connecting to the higher self can seem like some overwhelming task that’s difficult to attain. It is reassuring to know nothing can be farther from the truth. The three approaches laid out above can help you connect with your higher self even if it has been a long time since you last spoke.

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