Quick and Easy Ways to Get Into the Vortex

If you are familiar with the works of Abraham Hicks, you probably already know the vortex like the back of your hand. 

For those who are clueless, the vortex is the analogy Abraham used to help students visualize. 

In essence, the vortex is a place where all manifestations are created vibrationally even before you see them in the physical world.

When you think something into existence, it becomes real energetically at first.

That means even if you don’t see it physically yet, it already exists as a possibility in the quantum field.

In other worlds, it is already a vibrational reality.

Getting into the vortex simply means you come into alignment with your higher self and become a vibrational match to what you have asked from the universe.

This is the reason the concept of the vortex is so crucial.

To manifest all your desires and to bring them into the physical realm, you need to get in the vortex (your own vortex)!

 Being in the vortex also means you feel very good (at least majority of the time).

How to Get Into the Vortex Quickly and Easily

Below are some of the quickest, easiest, and best ways to get into the vortex so you can get in alignment with your desires and bring them into the physical world:


Napping is a great way to reset your vibration. Mid-day naps are especially ideal. 

If you find yourself dwelling in unnecessary negativity, get a little snooze so you can RESET when you wake up. 

Important: Don’t pick up where you left off. Start anew when you wake up.


If moving your body in certain ways pleases you, then dancing can surely get you into the vortex. 

It won’t matter if it’s ballet, free flowing, salsa, or contemporary, dancing can surely help.


There’s something about floating in a warm nice tub that makes people feel good.

Getting into the vortex is effortless when you leave all your worries in the bathroom and you are weightless.

No wonder some people consider bath time a sacred time!

If you are feeling fancy, you can also visit a floatation spa.

The big sensory tubs full of epsom salt will surely take all your worries and negative thoughts away.


If you are a fan of the outdoors, you can never go wrong with running!

So put on your headphones, listen to inspirational podcasts, and run.

You can leverage the runner’s high so you get into (and remain) in your vortex.

Works like a charm each and every time!


No list about getting into the vortex is ever complete without one of the most effective techniques in the book—meditation.

This daily practice is one of the most important as it can get you in your happy place with the utmost ease. 

Just a few minutes of meditation each day can already make a world of difference. 


This one is another given. 

Gratitude can help you access your vortex really fast.

All you need is to write in your journal 3 things to be grateful for and you’re good to go.


Getting rid of things you no longer need can help you feel less dense and can help you achieve a light-filled and high vibe.

It can also help if you need a quick pick me up.

Acts of Kindness

When you do something kind for someone, you can connect with your highest self instantaneously.

That’s exactly how you feel when you are in the vortex, connected to your highest self and feeling very good about life.


Moving your body + walking in nature = bliss!

Spending time in nature and attuning to a high frequency can help you get into your vortex fast.

Nature is always in the vortex so if you want to instantly get into your own vortex, being in nature can help.


If you love movement as a means to get in the vortex, yoga can help.

The combination of presence, movement, and breath can get you on a different high and keep you very aligned energetically, physically, and mentally.

Over to You

Getting into the vortex can seem complex. 

However, it’s actually very easy.

Start with any of the tips we have shared above and you’ll be a manifesting machine in no time!

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