Want to Motivate Yourself Daily? Start with These 22 Powerful Ideas (Part 1)

Certain days, it’s easy to motivate yourself to do the right thing.

You hop out of bed and you feel like you are ready to take on the world.

Other days however, you feel the exact opposite.

You’d rather crawl back into your bed, roll into a ball, and not talk to anyone.

With all the craziness that’s been going on in the world lately, it is likely that the second scenario has been playing out more often than usual.

While unfortunate to note, many people have allowed external forces to dictate how they live their lives.

If you are in the same boat, below are some ways you can renew your commitment to living your best life, refuel your passion, and give yourself the motivation you need to thrive in these trying times.

Tip #01: Just Start

Just do it has been chosen as Nike’s slogan for a reason.

If you allow yourself to dwell on all the negativity, you will have an infinite list of seemingly logical excuses to just stay in bed and not do anything.

That said, get moving before your brain will conspire against you.

And don’t think twice about starting small.

Even if it would seem trivial.

Write one sentence.

Read one paragraph.

The whole idea is to take action.

Then repeat.

Bask and congratulate yourself for even the smallest wins.

After all, these small wins can create the momentum you need to take massive leaps as you go along.

Tip #02: Get Inspiring Output

Never allow a day to go by without inspiring yourself in one way or another.

Often, the reason you feel low is because you have been receiving the wrong input.

You can combat this by finding something motivational to help you get a better perspective of the big picture.

Fortunately, nowadays, you can motivate yourself through the following:

Tip #03: Set Small Goals

Dave Ramsey has a very successful debt payment model.

The success of the model can be attributed to one thing: momentum building.

His strategy teaches that you pay the smallest debts first regardless of the interest rate.

Ultimately, you will be able to build a “snowball” towards the big ones.

This principle can be applied to life as well.

For instance, start by setting small goals that can help you realize bigger and more audacious ones. 

Want to run a full marathon?

Start by running a mile.

Then two.

And take it from there.

As you hit those small and realistic targets, you will be able to motivate yourself to get going.

Tip #04: Measure Your Progress

Progress can help motivate you to reach new heights.

It will also give you incredible drive.

So take note of the results you are seeing.

Write down Xs in your calendar.

The idea is to do something that will mark the hard work you have been putting in and the results you are slowly seeing.

You won’t believe how much it can help you to move forward!

Tip #05: Start a Gratitude Journal

It would be almost impossible to motivate yourself if you are in a negative place.

So practice finding the good on a regular basis.

One effective way to find the good is by writing down the things you are grateful for.

A gratitude journal would be a great way to be aware of your blessings and focus on the good that is happening in your life.

Tip #06: Use Positive Affirmations

Need a little pick me up?

Remind yourself of how amazing and awesome you are!

You can search online for powerful affirmations and loving affirmations you can use to get you going until you feel better about yourself and life again.

Tip #07: Listen to Energy Inducing Music

According to some studies, you tend to procrastinate more when you are in a bad mood.

While gratitude can make a world of difference, a little dancing can help release any tensions as well.

Tip #08: Don’t Break the Chain

Motivation is not constant.

It can ebb and flow.

Often, habit is one of the most consistent things you can count on.

What your daily routine is matters enormously!

So set a rule that you will never miss more than a day at a time.

Be kind and gentle with yourself if you need to.

However, jump right back as soon as you can to continue building momentum.

Tip #09: Minimise Distractions

At times, you find yourself seeking meaningless activities as a means of escape when things get hard.

So you end up checking Instagram rather than doing yoga.

Or you watch countless episodes of your favorite show as opposed to spending time working on a meaningful project.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of ways to combat distractions.

Delete distracting apps.

Go on a digital detox.

Put the TV remote in another room.

Tip #10: Make Use of Your Routines

Figure out what gets you all fired up.

How can you motivate yourself more effectively?

A picture of the body you want to achieve?

Whatever it may be, ensure you see it daily and it is a part of your daily routine.

Tip #11: Never Compare Yourself to Others

Today’s technological world makes it very easy to compare yourself to others.

Often, you won’t even realise you are doing it.

Unfortunately, comparison will do nothing but sabotage your motivation.

So be cautious about what you focus on, especially on social media.

Avoid anything that provokes comparison and ensure you are only around people that lift you up and make you feel good.

Over to You

Loving our list so far? We have a few more powerful ideas in the next instalment so make sure you don’t miss it!

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash