What is Sidereal Astrology? Your Fast and Easy Guide

Here’s something not many people know: the horoscopes you often see in Europe and the United States are based on the tropical system.

However, there is another kind that’s not as popular.

It’s called sidereal astrology.

While both forms of astrology have signs named after the constellation, the tropical system is based on the fixed map of the stars.

On the other hand, the sidereal system is based on the current position of the constellations.

Over the years, the location of the stars relative to the Earth have changed slowly.

This means there is a twenty-four degree variance between the actual constellations and the tropical system most people are accustomed to.

According to sidereal astrology:

  • If you are born between April 21 and May 12, you are an Aries
  • If you are born between May 13 to June 19, you are a Taurus
  • If you are born between June 20 and July 16, you are a Gemini
  • If you are born between July 17 and August 6, you are a Cancer
  • If you are born between August 7 and September 14, you are a Leo
  • If you are born between September 15 and November 3, you are a Virgo
  • If you are born between November 4 and November 22, you are a Libra
  • If you are born between November 23 and December 6, you are a Scorpio
  • If you are born between December 7 and December 18, you are a Ophiuchus
  • If you are born between December 19 and January 19, you are a Sagittarius
  • If you are born between January 20 and February 13, you are a Capricorn
  • If you are born between February 14 and March 9, you are an Aquarius
  • If you are born between March 10 and April 20, you are a Pisces

If you are born within 3 days of another sign, you are considered a blend of both signs.

Ancient cultures like the Mayans, Vedics, Persians, and the Egyptians have relied on the sidereal system. 

They deem it more accurate since it is believed to be based on the actual links between the natural world and the time of birth as opposed to just a theoretical position based on the Earth’s seasons.

Ophiuchus: The 13th Zodiac Sign

The tropical system has twelve signs.

The sidereal system also has the same signs but with the addition of a thirteenth sign known as Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus is also referred to as the serpent bearer.

It is represented by a man grasping a snake.

People born under Ophiuchus are known to be magnetic, curious, clever, spirited, and impulsive.

They also have a great sense of humor and a thirst for knowledge and wisdom.

However, they are also known to be single-minded, secretive, jealous, and are known to have a terrible temper.

When they mistrust someone, they shut them out of their life forever. 

People under Ophiuchus are also known to be introverted and they try to avoid situations where they are not in control.

Over to You

Do you prefer the sidereal system or the tropical one? What are your thoughts about the two systems?

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