Why You Are Not Getting What You Want

Whatever we want is at our fingertips; we only need to apply the right method to attract them.

But if everything is at our fingertips, why the vast majority of people in this world aren’t happy with their financial condition, their jobs, their health or their love lives?

Why do most people fail to build their ideal career, attract their dream relationships or start their way to earn millions? Indeed, many people never heard of the law of attraction.

Others understand this law yet still can’t use it to achieve their dreams.

The law of attraction is a science already in effect— we can either understand and align our behavior to or remain ignorant of and suffer due to that ignorance.

Let’s look at why you are not getting what you want in life and why the law of attraction doesn’t work for you.

The Reality Is The Reflection Of Your Inner World

The world we live in is the reflection of our inner world. If your inner world is in harmony, you will experience harmony in the outer world. Everything will fit perfectly, and you will find your life in perfect harmony.

Contrarily, if the inner world is in disharmony and is dominated by negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, doubt, hate, and guilt, life will feel like a constant struggle.

You will experience defeat, lose faith in yourself and choose a life of limitation. It is hard, sometimes impossible, to change things that happen outside, but it is possible to change what happens within.

The law of attraction won’t work if you fail to bring your inner world in harmony.

The Vicious Cycle of Failure

Failure is an inevitable part of life. It’s a necessary part of life, critical for self-growth. Every time we experience failure, we should accept it and move on. 

When we fail to accept our failures and start anew, we unconsciously reinforce the belief that we deserve failures. As our negative belief grows, we keep focusing on failures.

We direct all our attention to how to avoid failures rather than to how to pursue success. Consequently, the law of attraction gives us more failures because we unwittingly ask for it.

In this way, our negative beliefs become irresistibly powerful, and we start to accept that we are destined to fail. 

Unconsciously we expect defeat, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. As a result, we become trapped in a vicious cycle of failure.

But if we had a positive core belief that we would be successful, and successful incidents reinforced that belief, our subconscious mind was convinced that we are meant to be successful. As a result, we attracted success.

 See what is happening here? We’re shaping our future through our beliefs. Our deep-rooted beliefs bring forth all the negative or positive incidents we confront daily. And this process follows the simple rule, ‘like attracts like”.

However, sometimes even a positive mindset can fail to bring the desired result. Here is why the law of attraction fails, even if you have a positive mindset.

You Don’t Have The Willingness to Do What It Takes

Simply believing in your dreams won’t manifest things for you. Achieving a life goal requires action. If you’re unwilling to do what it takes to chase your dream, you won’t be able to attain it.

You Are Not Patient Enough

To manifest something, you have to trust the process. Manifestation can take time. If you lose your patience and give up, the process will stop. Therefore trust your vision, trust the process and wait patiently.

You’re Spending Too Much Time Anticipating

Getting what you want in life using the law of attraction is simple— set your intention and become clear about what you want, believe in your abilities, believe in the universe, practice manifestation techniques, and keep working on your goal.

The universe will do the rest. If your dream is too big, it is normal that you to make assumptions about the possible ways the universe can make it happen. Let the universe sort this out.

Wrap Up

We hope this post helped you understand why you are not getting what you want. Trying to figure out the universe’s ways of manifesting things may hinder the process. Just hold the vision in your mind, continue to work on your goal and wait patiently. The vision will become a reality.

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