Your Quick and Easy Guide to the Law of Attraction

In essence, the law of attraction is all about attracting conditions, circumstances, and things in your life that correspond with the nature of your habitual and dominant thoughts and beliefs, regardless if it’s conscious or otherwise. 

Every area of your life—your finances, your health, and your relationships are influenced by this great universal law that banks on the idea that “like attracts like.” In the Science of Being, Eugene Fersen referred to the law of attraction as the “basic law of the universe.”

What Frequency Are You On?

Everything, your thoughts, yourself, and anything else you want (or not want) to experience is pure energy that’s vibrating at various frequencies.

The basic premise of the law of attraction is this: like energy attracts like energy. In other words, you attract whatever it is that you are in vibrational harmony with, not that which you desire or long for.

The dominant frequency you have is shaped by your dominant mental attitude. The dominant mental attitude is also determined by your thoughts and habitual beliefs.

Simply put, having a positive mental attitude will attract positive circumstances and experiences. In the same manner, a negative mental attitude attracts unwanted or negative conditions and circumstances.

Can You Attract Anything You Need?

You would be delighted to remember that you are capable of attracting anything you need and want since you are already connected to everything, both seen and unseen.

The law of attraction is also based on the concept that nothing and no one is separate from you. 

The sense of separation you experience in the physical world is an illusion created by the five senses which interprets the infinite sea of vibrating energy.

The truth of the matter is, you are one with the universal mind from which all things manifest. That means the creative power of your thoughts is limitless.

Can You Change Your Frequency?

If you want to consciously attract whatever it is that you want into your life, you need to know how to bring the energy of your actions and thoughts in vibrational harmony with the essence of your choice—regardless if it’s success, abundance, true love, or perfect health.

One of the key techniques that can help you effectively and effortlessly reprogram your subconscious mind is creative visualization.

Done right, it can help you attract to yourself the circumstances and things that can help manifest whatever it is that you want.

Understanding how the law of attraction works also involves knowing it is not about blaming yourself or others for any of the unwanted or negative conditions in your life.

If you get caught up in the blame game, you only end up attracting more of the things that you do not want.

This knowledge can also help empower you to take full responsibility for your current conditions by understanding the power of your thoughts.

It is important to also know that when you take responsibility for your life, you also give yourself the power to change whatever it is that you don’t want.

Is the Law of Attraction Neutral?

Here’s the simple truth: you attract to yourself whatever it is that you focus your attention on. There is no judgment call involved if the thoughts are deserved or undeserved or good and bad.

That means the law of attraction is neutral. It won’t punish, judge, or reward.

What it does is simply bring like energy together. You can liken it to a great matchmaker.

You submit your criteria through your thoughts and habitual beliefs and it produces the perfect vibratory match, each and every time.