Zodiac Love Compatibility: Signs to Date and Signs to Avoid

Whether your straight, polyamorous, or gay, the pick-up line “what’s your sign” is more relevant than ever.

There are various approaches astrologers use to calculate celestial compatibility.

Just as people’s understanding of love is evolving, so is their understanding of astrology. 

Love can be a scary, exciting, and powerful thing.

That said, it would be wise to look into your cosmic compatibility so you will have an idea into the signs you are most compatible with.


Known for their exciting impulsivity, insatiable desire to excel, and their fiery energy, dating an Aries can be likened to dating a fierce and driven warrior. On a bad day, their temper tantrums and strong will can be a bit juvenile. They can also become cranky when they don’t get ample physical affection including snuggling and sex.

Fellow fire signs like Sagittarius and Leo have no issues keeping up with the spirited rams. They are inspired by their determination and enthusiasm. This also helps ignite their creative energy and entrepreneurial passions. A Libra and Aries partnership is something worth exploring.


These earth signs are known for their romanticism, practicality, and appreciation for life’s finer things. They love indulging their senses through enchanting aromas, delicious cuisine, and soft fabrics. Their sensuality can translate into the bedroom. Tauruses want to turn their lovemaking into a memorable and decadent experience.

Hardworking Capricorn and pragmatic Virgo are enchanted by the Venusian qualities of Tauruses. An interesting match would be with a Scorpio. Both love transformation. When matched, these two inverted signs can share and learn a thing or two about change and regeneration.


Dating a Gemini can be a truly exhilarating experience. Known as the zodiac’s social butterflies, they need constant stimulation through daily adventures and communication. The constant stimulation rule applies even to the bedroom. Geminis are natural wordsmiths and Aquarius and Libra appreciate their vivacious intellectualism and wit.

One of the dynamic pairings of the zodiac is between a Gemini and Sagittarius. These inverted signs are natural wanderers and when linked, can form a fun loving, creative, and powerful couple. On bad days, however, Geminis can be unreliable and flighty. Intuitive Pisces and logical Virgo can struggle with Gemini’s sporadic energy.


This water sign is ruled by the moon. They can be extremely sensitive and require establishing loyalty and trust before revealing their vulnerabilities. Pisces and Scorpio make great partners for the sweet crabs as they are known for their psychic abilities and incredible intuition.

A match between a Cancer and Capricorn is great for cohabitation. While less emotional, Capricorns love and appreciate Cancerian sensitivity. Both signs enjoy building safe spaces and nesting. Like Cancers, Capricorns have a wild and kinky side and they are not afraid to get messy.


Leos consider themselves the kings and queens of the jungle. Known for their enterprising creativity, cinematic romances, and passionate extravagance, they shine best when paired with fellow fire signs Sagittarius or Aries. These fire signs are comforted by Leo’s warmth and loyalty.

Aquarius would also make a great partner for Leos. When together, the two signs can create a very powerful checks-and-balances system. Since Leos can be proud and egotistical, they don’t often get along with Taurus and Scorpio. When paired with the two, Leos need to adopt an easygoing attitude for them to get along.


Virgos are known for their extreme intellectualism. They prefer expressing themselves and are always processing information. This pragmatic sign is also grounded and stable when paired with Capricorn and Taurus. Pisces is another great match for Virgos. Both signs love helping out and are skilled emotional healers.

Intrepid Sagittarius and impulsive Geminis would be put off by Virgos neurotic tendencies. Both signs can clash when matched. When matched with a Sagittarius or Gemini, Virgos need to embrace life’s spontaneities and not get so caught up in the details. 


Dapper and charming, you can often find Libras sipping wine in a vineyard or admiring modern artworks at a gallery. Libras are also considered one of the zodiac’s biggest flirts. Aquarius and Gemini admire Libra’s appreciation for the culture and arts. They also enjoy cultivating their own refined states within well-matched air sign partnerships.

Represented by the sales, Libras love being in pairs which makes Aries a great partner for them. However, the people-pleasing Leos can become overly consumed with their public image and rub Capricorns and Cancers the wrong way. When matched with a Capricorn or Cancer, Libras need to prove their loyalty by paying extra attention to their partners.


This is one of the fiercest signs of the zodiac. This powerful water sign approaches their passion with unmatched and relentless dedication. It’s no surprise that they make really dedicated lovers. Scorpios also make love as if their lives (and souls) depend on it. While some signs balk at the intensity of Scorpios, Cancer and Pisces just love it.

Since Taurus are considered the most sensual, they can make a truly erotic pairing when paired with ravenous Scorpio. Scorpios can appear sneaky and manipulative and this puts off Aquarians and Leos. Scorpios can also scoff at Aquarians and Leos inability to conceal their motives.


Sagittarius are always ready for an adventure and are aptly symbolised by the archer. These fire signs are scholars, explorers, and natural philosophers. They are also known for their infectious humor and captivating storytelling. They also tend to be quite the heartbreakers and have epic sex drives.

Like-minded Aries and Leo complement the Sagittarian wildfire. In other words, when they link up, they can create a creative, thrilling, and passionate partnership. Opposite sign Gemini is considered another terrific match as both signs believe in living life to the fullest.


Capricorns aspire to build security and safety in their lives. That said, they can look like all business on the outside. Make no mistake about it though as these sea goats can be kinky on the inside. Like-minded earth signs like Virgo and Taurus can benefit from their focused dedication and determination.

Capricorns can also enjoy and benefit from a relationship with the opposite sign Cancer. Both signs have conventional views on romance and enjoy building safe domestic environments. On the other hand, agreeable Libra and fiery Aries can become frustrated with Capricorn’s stoicism.


This air sign enjoys high-level thinking and loves anything that can inspire, revolutionise, and improve the society. Like-minded air signs Libra and Gemini love Aquarians’ energy. Libras and Geminis also appreciate the energy of Aquarians. They also love the lighthearted intellectualism of Libras.

When paired with Leos, the air and fire combination can make a very dynamic duo. Since Leo represents the king and Aquarius represents the people, this pairing can have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding and insight into many of society’s complexities.


Otherworldly Pisces are known for their powerful clairvoyance, enchanting creativity, and sweet disposition. This water sign can effortlessly pick up on auras, energies, and nonverbal expression. Like-minded sea creatures Scorpios and Cancers can be a terrific match.

Fast-talking Sagittarius and Gemini can easily hurt Pisces. When hurt, these gentle fishes can easily swim away. If partnered with a Gemini and Sagittarius, Pisces should not take anything too personally. They can also benefit from emulating some of the extroverted sensibilities of other signs.

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