What Turns Your Zodiac Sign-On? Your Zodiac Sex Compatibility 

Curious as to what turns your sign on and what your zodiac sex compatibility is?

We’ve got all the answers here!

This month of love, let us figure out what you want in bed so you can communicate it with your partner.

Zodiac Sex Compatibility List

So, without further ado, here are some exciting (and interesting) insights on your zodiac sex compatibility:


Aries are known to be super passionate.

Understandably, seeing the same passion in others is such a turn on for them.

Also, they love to build tension outside of their bedrooms (i.e., a small lover’s spat) and bring the heat to their sheets.


Taurus loves to take charge.

They are also prone to directing their partners on how to perform to get them off.

They are also great at communicating and there is nothing they like more than knowing what their partner likes.

If you are with a Taurus, talk to them about what they truly want and watch your sexual chemistry explode.


Geminis love to get feedback during sex, more so than the other zodiac signs.

This mercurial sign also loves to talk dirty and laugh with their partners in bed.

They are also the type who can freely share their desires without any hesitation.

For this air zodiac sign, sex is an enjoyable and lighthearted experience.


Cancers love to incorporate food into their foreplay activities and sexual appetites.

They are willing to eat hot cocoa with cinnamon, chocolate covered strawberries, and other aphrodisiacs to set the mood.

They are also the type to use whipped cream to make the experience even more pleasurable (and delicious).


Leos will go out of their way to ensure their partners roar with pleasure.

That is after they satisfy themselves first.

Leos are all about equality in the sheets and will return the favor generously after they have been shown a lot of TLC under the sheets.

Also, expect this over the top zodiac sign to be always hungry for more.


While considered prudish and prissy by most, this earth sign wants to be conquered and ravished.

Virgos have a very strong libido and are the type to make sex a part of their daily routine.

If you are with a Virgo, expect sex to be a regular part of your daily routine.


While Libras are not the type to bring in the heat 24/7, they want to fulfill their sexual partners more than anything else.

It is important for Libras to satisfy their partners rather than themselves.

They are also givers and want to make sure that they are giving their partners lots of affection and energy.

Libras get turned on knowing they are pleasing others.


Scorpios prefer deep and intense sexual experiences each time.

After all, their sexual desires often speak to their impassioned needs.

Scorpios are the type to try fun and new things in the bedroom as long as it puts them in control.

They can also switch things up for a change of pace.

They also want to feel new erotic sensations in bed.


This adventurous and fiery sign wants to try anything and everything all at once (twice, if they like it!).

Archers will never shy away from experimenting with new techniques and positions.

They are also the type to brag about their sexual romps and will willingly share their encounters, desires, and experiences with their bed partners.


Capricorns are known for their very strong sex drive.

Capricorns are known to work hard and they play extra hard too.

They are also the type that will give their energy and time towards growing a sexual relationship.


The mere anticipation of sex is enough to excite Aquarius.

The water-bearer loves to watch their partners get turned on.

They are also the type to encourage sexual arousal through sexting as a way to bring their desires to a feverish high.


Pisces love to live through their imaginations.

That said, the cosmic fish enjoys role playing (the more creative, extravagant, and out there, the better). 

Pisces also love to have their senses seduced either through touch and sound.

Over to You

Now that you know what turns each zodiac on and their sex compatibility, it’s time to use the knowledge to make your sexy time even more exciting!

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